Zombie Lurch, Renaissance Fair, Halloween?

Halloween is almost upon us. There are many different views on the value of this day, and it’s the source of much controversy. No matter what the beginning of Halloween, many people will be out on the streets and pounding on your door looking for candy and playing tricks. One of the monsters you may see are zombies, a creative enigma of “what if”.

Despite most peoples impression that zombies are just for Halloween and movies, many around the country, and even the world, participate in events called anything from zombie lurch, zombie walk, and zombie mob, to anything else they can think of using the word “zombie”. These events are usually set up to support a charitable organization, and people who love to dress up and act for entertainment travel many miles to attend them.

Recently, I was privileged to attend one of these events on a small scale with my children. The people involved show off their creative skills with make-up, false skin, and theatrical portrayals of what a zombie would look like. They walk the streets and entertain the public year-round. As our little group toured the parking lot of a local mall we got everything from scared looks from little children to intense fascination and questions from adults.

The children had enormous fun acting their parts, and it was a great time for all. If you want to involve your children or yourself in something that will help others and allow you to get experience in acting, make-up, and general entertainment, you may want to see if anyone in your area is doing a zombie lurch. If zombies and monsters are not quite your thing, other opportunities to do similar types of entertainment and acting are medieval fairs and groups, historical preservation societies, and small local theaters.

I am including a few sites with information on lurches and other events around the nation you may be interested in if you or your children enjoy acting.
Zombie Lurch Message Board
U.S. Historical Society’s Directory
Directory of Renaissance Fairs
2010 guide to renaissance fairs
Costume Events

Following are some pictures of different zombie walks around the world. Some may be frightening to young children, so share them with discretion.

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1 Response to Zombie Lurch, Renaissance Fair, Halloween?

  1. Heath says:

    I really enjoyed this post, and as you know I am in the early stages of trying to coordinate with several people to put on another, much larger Zombie Lurch here in eastern NC. If anyone is interested in this, I will be posting details on my website as the details are worked out. Here is a link to the site if anyone is interested!


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