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Praying Mantis Legs for Supper?

Today I pulled peanuts in the garden. They are really a legume (bean family) and wonderful for revitalizing garden soil! Not to mention all the animals love them, as do we. While carrying a load to the yard to remove … Continue reading

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Funny Farm Pictures

Here are some pictures of the fun times here at Nigerian Meadows! We love our animals like children, and even our kids spend a lot of time with them. We normally don’t think combining a bunch of different animals is … Continue reading

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Going on Vacation; How to Prepare

If you have ever had animals, you know that vacations can be rough. Do you take them or leave them? If left, who will you entrust them to? When it comes to your milk goats, that can become even more … Continue reading

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The Benefits of Living with Goats

I’m sitting here thinking about how many good things come from raising goats, especially the Nigerian Dwarf. I just spooned day-old cream from the milk straight into my cup of piping hot coffee, mmmm… Not many get to claim that … Continue reading

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Goat Cheese

I took some pictures during my last cheese-making and thought I would share them. I have found that cloth diapers work wonderful as cheese-cloth and they already have finished edges. Draining the Cheese. This is a portion of the whey. … Continue reading

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Of Hard Hats & Farm Girls

Have you ever wondered why construction workers wear hard hats, but the average person doing home remodeling or farm work doesn’t wear one? How come the only ones in our homes belong to the kids? It kind of amazes me … Continue reading

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Garden Fresh

Here is some of the produce from our garden, and a toy car for size reference. There are Roma tomato’s, lemon cucumber, strawberry popcorn, and tomatillas. All but the romas are heirloom varieties. I am planning to keep most of … Continue reading

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