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Babies for the New Year!

I am back, at least for now! Christmas and general farm life has kept me rather busy, and now it’s the eve of a brand new year. To welcome in the new year, we have babies born to our Nigerian … Continue reading

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Homemade Christmas Ornaments

We made some gifts for family and friends this year with a personal touch. Since they all can see this I have held off posting them, but if you need a special gift here at the last minute, these are … Continue reading

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Gluten-free Suagar Cookies

I used to love sugar cookies from back before my family went gluten-free, and have spent 5 years searching for and trying to create an adequate replacement. I had pretty much given up, and then I ran across a blog … Continue reading

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Deals at Micheals Crafts

I went to Micheals Craft store this week and found some stuff at really good prices! The soap-making kits were 40% off, and I bought 2 with everything needed to make about 10 bars each. What I loved was the … Continue reading

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Chaffhaye: Me, a Dealer? Maybe!

I am seriously thinking of becoming a dealer in Chaffhaye! I love the stuff, ad so do my goats, not to mention I’m selling it for the other people because I’m so happy with it. Why not supply it?! Really, … Continue reading

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Help me pick!

I did some GIMP editing to create three different portrait collages of my boys as gifts for people this Christmas (yeah, I know, just what everyone wants!). I need help deciding which one is best since I like them all! … Continue reading

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Gluten-free Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made absolutely awesome chocolate chip cookies today! These cookies are not the soft, chewy type, but slightly crunchy with a little bit of chewy thrown in, and a delightful nutty flavor. If you use all shortening instead of the … Continue reading

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Making Handmilled, Shaped Soap

I love the soap I make here at home! I decided to hand mill some leftovers from bars I had made earlier in the year as I had found some very pretty molds and wanted to try them out. Here … Continue reading

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My Kitchen

I live in an old house, built in 1923, and you can tell it’s been through lot’s of eras! My kitchen is the worst place in the whole house, which is awful since I love baking. It’s longish and rectangular, … Continue reading

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Is Home Educating for MY Family?

I have so many people come to me for advice on home educating. Many times it’s women, but their spouses just aren’t sure it’s a good idea. There are many reasons a family thinks about home schooling, as there are … Continue reading

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