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Walking Goats

Today has been so busy, but so good! It was pretty windy, and I was going to get the rabbit hutch built, but didn’t have the lumber. So, I did what any sensible woman would do and changed my plans. … Continue reading

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The Chicken in the FLower Pot

Okay, a while back a reader (that’s you Laura) asked me to put a picture up of the hen that decided to take over the flower pot. It’s a huge, green flower pot, the kind you can put a bush … Continue reading

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Goat Gestation Calculator

Many people don’t know where to go to find out when their doe is due. Here is a link to a great goat gestation calculator that I use all the time. You can download it to you computer and use … Continue reading

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“I’m going to be a Farmer”

Well, today has been bright and sunny, a wonderful day to spend outside! Temps were perfect, hovering around 65-degrees, and a light breeze blew through occasionally. Because it was so nice, I spent some time outdoors working (which I really … Continue reading

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Forced to re-think garden plans

So, we have a tip from a reliable source that there is a real good chance gas prices will go over $5/gallon by memorial day. This is making me do some hard thinking about my garden. I really don’t need … Continue reading

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Power, or no Power?

Yesterday we lost power. And we got it back, to lose it again. And again. And again. Most of town and country around here was out much of the day because of the wind. I got so desperate for a … Continue reading

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Goaty Play Yard

Around Christmas a neighbor was cutting a tree down and I begged wood for our goats. In an act of kindness beyond words, the men helped us haul branches and logs from the whole tree home for the goats and … Continue reading

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