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Mary, Mary, How Does Your Garden Grow?

Mary Mary quite contrary, How does your garden grow? With silver bells and cockle shells And pretty maids all in a row. While this poem has some possibly gruesome origins, today it’s a sweet little nursery rhyme, and while weeding … Continue reading

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It really IS a rat in the barn! I saw green poop in Adina’s stall, and wondered if it was hers and how she got it, then realized the mouse poison I put out as a last resort had disappeared. … Continue reading

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Lucky Star’s Birth

Our nigerian dwarf goat, Cornerstone Adina, kid late last night. Or, should I say early this morning? What a story it makes, too! Buckle up for the ride, and I’ll tell you all! The adventure began around lunch-time, April 27th.  … Continue reading

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The Many Faces

So, we built the water slide. It’s April in North Carolina. The weather has been very cold and very hot, never the same for a week straight. The pool water is still rather cold. In fact, I put my feet … Continue reading

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Homemade Water Slide

Ok, so I have been promising my husband a water slide for at least a year, maybe two.  I keep finding work in the garden, with the goats, or doing school stuff with the boys. My poor husband keeps getting … Continue reading

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Momma Hen and Chicks

I said I would take some more pictures of the hen and her chicks, and here they are! “Momma, momma, momma!” peep the little chicks. “There she is!” “Altogether, now, no one wander off!” “Junior, come along now. Don’t stare … Continue reading

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Earth Day

Today was spent sharing our love of goats and gardening, telling people how we use what God has given us. JJ and I went to an earth day festival in Wilson at Truly Unique, and brought our nigerian dwarf doeling … Continue reading

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Video in the Backyard

This is a video my husband did. He is the drummer, the editor, and the idea generator. 🙂  What we do for fun on the mini-farm.

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Selling some goats

I am selling some of this years doelings. It is a hard decision, but it has to be made. You can check them out here on my farm page. I hope to find them good homes, and they all look … Continue reading

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Waking up this morning to beautiful sky and sunshine after yesterdays harsh storms. I have seen more tornado action in our town than anywhere else I have lived! Last year we watched one form behind our home that hit down … Continue reading

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