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Unmolding soap

I unmolded some of my soap yesterday. The lavender one was still pretty soft, and I couldn’t get it to release from the shaped molds, but the larger blocks were okay. I think I should have waited to do a … Continue reading

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Today is going to be full of canning. Peaches are coming off like crazy, and I’m trying to get them before the little critters that lay eggs in them take over. The resulting little worms spoil the peach from the … Continue reading

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Massage and Moisturizing Oils

Today I made up some oils for massage and moisturizing. They are really easy to make, and can be very pretty in a glass jar with a hand-made label or ribbon. The one in the odd shaped glass is a … Continue reading

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Hmmm… I’m a quack this morning

So, I don’t know if it’s stress, no sleep, or parenting coming to a head, but I feel totally crazy this morning. Like ready to dance on the roof in a tu-tu kind of crazy, and howling to the moon … Continue reading

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Summer Science

We found a really neat looking beetle in the house and didn’t recognize it, so Jameson (with JJ trying to help) set it up in their bug box to observe and identify. They did really well, and learned a great … Continue reading

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Lego Kings!

My kids wanted me to share the lego creations they made recently. The spend hours playing with these things, and are really proud of what they create.

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On Teats

I was milking tonight and got this grand idea to write about teats. Not udders so much, but specifically teats on the dairy goat. People have many reason’s for getting a goat, but any time a goat will have kids … Continue reading

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2 GIMP Edits

I did these edits in GIMP and thought I would share. Just playing around with some photos I took a couple of days ago. The first I cut the flowers out and altered layer opacity and background to make it … Continue reading

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Summer Heat and Chaffhaye

Well, it’s hot in the south. I am still feeding the goats Chaffhaye, and wanted to update my experience with it. As some of you may remember, I started using it last year near the summer’s end when hay got … Continue reading

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Farm Helpers, A Picture Story

This is morning on our little farm. My helpers were kind enough to allow me to photograph them as they helped me. I am always reminded of how blessed we are and how gracious my God for giving us such … Continue reading

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