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Vacation is over

Well, I am back after a week of vacation. The family went to Atlantic Beach, NC. for the week, so I’m a little out of the loop. One of the highlights of the trip were JJ falling off a block … Continue reading

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A Movie and Out-of-towners

I took the boys to see Cars 2 last night. They were not real excited to start with, but found out it was actually a lot of fun! They had specials for the time we went, and popcorn and drinks … Continue reading

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Milking Close-up: Nigerian Dwarf Goats

In response to many request for information on how to milk nigerian dwarf goats, and the fact that most people milk from the side and my other video demonstrates milking from above, I decided to do a video on side-milking … Continue reading

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Starting Herb Beds

We have a start on the new herb beds in the front yard! I have to build on top of the soil as they happen to be right over the public utilities, so I’m doing things a bit different, but … Continue reading

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The Trouble Kids Find

This morning, as I was milking my most difficult goat, my eldest child started screaming at the top of his lungs. Now, this child screams about just about anything he perceives as bad, and acts like it’s life or death, … Continue reading

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Crab Grass & Theology

Today I pulled weeds in the garden and on the paths while my boys swam. I don’t mind weeds, but we have been working to reclaim the land from crab grass, the most evil, diabolical think ever created. Something interesting … Continue reading

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Dinner of Veggies

I really love having a garden! The food is amazing fresh, and it is so good for my family. The other day I made veggies for dinner. My kids were not too thrilled. See? Anyway, we have all these yummy … Continue reading

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