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Friends From Florida

This past weekend we had some friends from Florida come for a visit. Ben and Tracy had decided to come visit family in North Carolina, and stopped at our place on the way. We only had 24 hours, but we … Continue reading

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Surprise, Surprise!~

Last night, after 8p.m., both the potential roofer and the new mattress for my hubby and I arrived. It was late, but we were thrilled to have a bed. We were maybe not so thrilled with the roofing estimate, but … Continue reading

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Saving Money; Towels

My thoughts on living well are to live poor. That does not mean moaning and groaning about not spending money on really nice things, it means cheerfully being a good steward of what you have. There are always things you … Continue reading

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Feed Sack Totes

I like making the most of what we have, and I have accumulated quite the pile of feed sacks of late. They have lot’s of uses, like trash bags and weed prevention in the garden, but my latest endeavor has … Continue reading

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Hubby’s Toy Day 2 (or 3, I can’t remember, lol!)

Well, things are moving right along with my husbands boat. He has done a ton of running around to get it ready for the road. The trailer was home-built, and unregistered, so he has had to do a LOT of … Continue reading

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Hubby’s Toy

Okay, so every man needs his toys. Yes, it really rings true. They might give them up, but to be really content they need a way to release some of their tension from work, family, etc. My husband works so … Continue reading

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Identifying Good and Bad Chaffhaye

I wanted to share what Chaffhaye looks like when good, as well as when there are problems. Today I opened a bag and found larva and a foul oder and mold, and it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Note that … Continue reading

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In Honor of the Sabbath

I took these last night and wanted to share as God’s hand is shown in all His glory;  

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Peach Cobbler (gluten, wheat, and corn-free)

We have been enjoying the bounty from our peach tree, and I made peach cobbler for breakfast again today. Now, I know most people fix this as a dessert, but I figure it’s better for us than almost any manufactured … Continue reading

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