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Turtles and Picnics

Today was so pretty after all the storms and heat of this summer, so when we saw a turtle valiantly trying to cross the road on our way home we stopped to pick him up. So, since it was such … Continue reading

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An Old House

There was once ….an old house All alone, ….forgotten Memories drift, ….through the broken windows Alone… forevermore

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Clean Up

Yesterday was spent cleaning up from hurricane Irene, or at least starting to. It’s always a long process to do clean-up as well as the typical daily chores. I have been behind since forever! Today I need to make a … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irene Has Hit

Hurricane Irene is sending wind and rain to us, making the house shake on it’s foundation and causing 100-year old trees to bend and break. Flooding rains in some parts of the county and wind gusts up to 65mph have … Continue reading

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Hay Manger for My Nigerian Dwarfs

I have experimented with many different homemade hay mangers for my goats. Since using Chaffhaye I have mostly just used buckets, but buckets can be dangerous if heads get stuck, so today I bit the bullet and decided to make … Continue reading

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Today was full of things! First, Jameson has been pouring over science books on the earth and things like volcanoes, earthquakes, tectonic plates, and such. He is extremely interested in them. JJ had battles on the floor with the lego … Continue reading

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Today the kids and I ran outside to watch the crop duster pass over us again and again. I took these photos, and couldn’t resist sharing them.

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Ever wonder if God actually listens?

All right, if you have made it here, you know the general idea of today’s topic. I wanted to share the most recent experience of God answering in my life. I know not everyone believes in my God, nor do … Continue reading

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The Barn is Coming Right Along

Barn roof replacement….a lot of hard work! I am framing it and currently 1/3 of the way to putting shingles on. Let the day of work begin!

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Pokeweed: Friend, or Foe?

I was on a goat forum this morning when one of the group posted a link to an article about pokeweed. There has been a lot of discussion of it’s safety in animal pastures and such. While all parts of … Continue reading

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