The Calm and the Storm

Have you ever been outside on one of those nights when you are standing on the cusp of violent weather? Tonight was amazing to look up and watch the sky. On one side the moon and stars shone brightly on a calm, dark, velvety sky, while on the other there rose a distinctive line of thick, roiling clouds full of flashing lightening. The contrast was so startling, and the beauty… it took my breath away!

I loved watching the approach of the storm, with all it’s fury, power, and violence. The wind swirling around me, the leaves rattling; it gave me a sense of smallness, like I was a speck in the wind. At the same time, the calmness of the stars and moon and soft sky on the other side made me feel at peace, even in the face of the coming storm.

It was such a strange mix of feelings, and exhilarating to me! I wish I could capture it in some way, to share it with you. For some reason, facing the power of a mighty storm, songs rise from my soul, straight to Heaven. I don’t know if that makes sense to you, but it’s like seeing the mighty hand of God, knowing that He holds all this in His control, and how big He must be. It gives me a sense of awe, to know that He loves me, trains me, holds me. I don’t feel afraid, like a child facing a monster, but it’s more like thankfulness that if He holds the weather at His command, how mighty is His hold on me. And to think, with only the smallest kernel of faith, I can control the storms if it be in His will. And there I stop, before I get too theological for a general blog, but really, I wish you could have stood beside me and felt it too.


About nigerianmeadows

I am a homeschooling mother of 2 autistic children and cook gluten-free, I homestead on 2.5 acre and raise goats and chickens for dairy and eggs, I garden, cook, quilt, and take photographs. I build, paint, scrub, and dance on tables. I am the ultimate WOMAN!!! Oh, yeah, and I like my husband a whole lot (he is the one that makes all this possible, and he loves me like no other!)
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One Response to The Calm and the Storm

  1. LindaG says:

    I know what you mean and how you felt. ♥

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