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This weekend

This has been some weekend. Not to be depressing or anything, but I’m pooped, emotionally and physically. I still haven’t quite recovered from the weekend before this with my husband working tons extra and making a wedding cake for our … Continue reading

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Debate or Fight?

So, I really don’t feel like blogging tonight. Why? Because I got into a “debate” by accident with someone on Facebook that I knew I wouldn’t see eye to eye with. Stupid of me, I know. Thing was, it started … Continue reading

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My Favorite Gluten-free Cake Recipe!

Everyone keeps asking me for my favorite gluten-free cake recipe, so I am going to post it. I actually have some other good ones as well, but these are straight from a cookbook and I really think you should buy … Continue reading

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If YOU Lost Your Camera Card, Would You Be Embarressed Of What Others May Find???

If YOU Lost Your Camera Card, Would You Be Embarressed Of What Others May Find???. You guys all gotta read this, haha! Good job, girl!

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Our Neem Trees are Here!

Over a year ago I got interested in the neem tree and all the uses of the oil, leaves, and bark. It is an amazing tree that grows in wasteland and deforested areas in India and Asia, and now in … Continue reading

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9/11, Ten Years Later

Today is a sad day, yet one of joy as well. Ten years ago, the Twin Towers fell. It was a day full of loss that touched our nation in every region, most people losing someone in some part of … Continue reading

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Sauted String Beans & Garlic

I just had to share this with you! I made the most scrumptious, delightfully colorful, and perfectly tender-crisp string beans tonight! See? Well, you all know I like good food, and use real stuff, not imitations, so here is this … Continue reading

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