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Raising Chicks

I thought I might put together some information on how I raise chicks when I succumb to getting some without using a broody hen. I have found a few things really help make it a success. ~First, you need a … Continue reading

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Chicks are Here

Our new little chicks arrived early this morning! When we got to the post office, they looked very apologetic. “Yes, Ma’am, there were some live chicks that came in this morning, but that was just before breakfast. We can’t make … Continue reading

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I did something stupid :-(

I did something stupid. I did it for my children, but it was still stupid. I went to the park on the top of a hill in the cold, cold wind. Did I say it was WINDY?! And there were … Continue reading

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My Backyard is Growing…smaller?!

Okay, okay! I have missed it on here! My computer is being naughty and it’s very difficult to keep it running long enough to blog, so instead I have been reading….and planning….and listening to my husband plead with me NOT … Continue reading

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NC State Fair, 2011

We went to the NC State Fair for the first time this year!   I have wanted to take the kids for a while now, but JJ’s tendency to disappear and Jameson’s sensory issues helped me make the choice to wait, … Continue reading

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Gluten-free Pumpkin Pie

Pies. One of the greatest treats ever created. Yet, if you cannot have wheat or gluten it is one of those things you may be wondering if you will ever enjoy again. Well, this crust works! And tastes great! The … Continue reading

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The Fall Garden: October 2011

I thought some of you might like to see my garden in October. The climate in our area allows outdoor fall gardens. In other climates you would have to have a greenhouse, and still others no greenhouse is needed at … Continue reading

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Jumping in with BOTH Feet, Oh Heaven’s, What Have I Done?!

Okay, so I have been upset with some issues regarding the nigerian dwarf breed of goats. I find some of the regulations for breed standards to be wrong in a production animal, and spoke out about it on Facebook. I … Continue reading

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My Son’s Story

My son wrote his first book today, and wanted me to share it in a way that you could print it out if you wanted to. It’s a zombie story, and all my son’s creation, plus original artwork. The link … Continue reading

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I Think it’s Pneumonia

I think I have pneumonia, not just bronchitis. Serves me right for not staying on top of it with my herbs just because I started feeling a little better. It’s clearing out today after mega doses of garlic cloves, elderberry … Continue reading

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