Waiting for Baby Goats and more

I hate it…. waiting… It’s like everything is on hold waiting for the first baby goats of the fall. These will be our first fall babies, our first year with a full herd! It’s been a long time reaching this point, but it’s exciting. I go to the barn over and over to see if there are any surprises, but so far nothing but very pregnant mommas. I really didn’t think ALL the does I tried breeding for fall would end up pregnant, lol! We are going to be so full of babies I won’t know where to put them all!

On another note, my garden is looking pretty good. The cabbage is starting to form tiny heads, and the kale and mustard are shooting up. Strangely enough, I have blossoms on my pear tree and some fruit setting?! Maybe I need to wrap it in a jar/plastic thingy to make it keep growing šŸ™‚Ā  I saw a book about that once, Jake something or other. It was a Nobel or Caldecott award winner or something for children. Anyway, maybe it would be worth a try to make the pear grow.

My neem seedlings are growing, but much, much slower now that the days are shorter and the air in the house colder. We keep it very cool in winter. And it has been sort of cold outside the past week or so. The rabbits are getting thick, fluffy coats, especially Cottontail.Ā  Jacob, well… he just isn’t as good at fluffing out I guess. He’s such a sweet bunny, but I think Cottontail will make the better breeder. I finally ordered a drop spindle so I can start spinning, but I would love to get some other fiber to add to the angora. I also bought a copy of “Homegrown and Handmade”, a new book by Deborah Niemann-Boehle. I will review it for you after it arrives. I am terribly excited about the book as I have a lot of respect for Deborah. She also happens to be a great writer based on her blogs. Interesting, informative, and friendly. I only wish I could meet her in person! Now I am off to check on the goats again before bed. See you all tomorrow!


About nigerianmeadows

I am a homeschooling mother of 2 autistic children and cook gluten-free, I homestead on 2.5 acre and raise goats and chickens for dairy and eggs, I garden, cook, quilt, and take photographs. I build, paint, scrub, and dance on tables. I am the ultimate WOMAN!!! Oh, yeah, and I like my husband a whole lot (he is the one that makes all this possible, and he loves me like no other!)
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3 Responses to Waiting for Baby Goats and more

  1. LindaG says:

    Good luck with the babies! šŸ™‚

  2. Laura Little says:

    How exciting! I loved being there when my Nutmeg had her boys! Hope all goes well!

  3. Thanks guys šŸ™‚ Still waiting, lol!

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