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Jumping in with BOTH Feet, Oh Heaven’s, What Have I Done?!

Okay, so I have been upset with some issues regarding the nigerian dwarf breed of goats. I find some of the regulations for breed standards to be wrong in a production animal, and spoke out about it on Facebook. I … Continue reading

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My Son’s Story

My son wrote his first book today, and wanted me to share it in a way that you could print it out if you wanted to. It’s a zombie story, and all my son’s creation, plus original artwork. The link … Continue reading

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I Think it’s Pneumonia

I think I have pneumonia, not just bronchitis. Serves me right for not staying on top of it with my herbs just because I started feeling a little better. It’s clearing out today after mega doses of garlic cloves, elderberry … Continue reading

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A Full Year of Chaffhaye In Review

A little over a year ago, nearly a year and a half now, we started feeding Chaffhaye to our goats. I have been shocked at how many people had not heard of it, and also amazed at the number of … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on Compost

A lot of us compost. It’s one of the first “green” or “natural” things people do, a form of recycling. Then we start gardening, and compost goes to a new level as we seek better soil for our fruits and … Continue reading

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Sick, but truckin’ right along

So, I’m sick. Sore throat, sinuses, typical cold. I still have lots to do, but I have vegged out as much as possible today. I had grand plans for blogging, but watched a movie with my boys instead. I got … Continue reading

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A Story from Childhood

I saw this photograph on Facebook this morning, and it brought up a river of memories and stories in my mind. I grew up on 20 acres, surrounded with fields of corn and woodlands. My Dad would hunt on occasion, … Continue reading

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