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I Got a Package

Late last night, after talking to my Dad on the phone, I went to check the mailbox. Inside I found to huge boxes that barely fit, and inside those boxes were the sweetest of surprises. One box was from a … Continue reading

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Wordless Friday!

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Training Children to Train Baby Goats

Training goats is an important task. Too many people get a cute baby goat and train it to do normal goat things that happen to not be very cute when the goat gets bigger. Butting, biting, jumping, yelling; these are … Continue reading

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Milking Video Collection

I keep doing milking videos to help new goat owners and those that are having trouble milking. Because time has passed between them, I thought I would put them all in one place. I have done milking from above, behind, … Continue reading

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A New Gluten-free Pie Crust Recipe

I have amazing memories of my childhood, and one of my favorites is of helping my Dad make pies at holidays. He would get everything in the bowl and sit down with it in his lap where I could watch … Continue reading

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Putting Baby Goats to Bed

I took some video of our baby goats last night. It was very cold, so they are all hunched up, but their natural curiosity wins out and they have to explore the warm bed I made for them.

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Bareing My Soul: A Look in the Kitchen Cupboards

To know a lot about a person, all one has to do is go through their kitchen, especially true for women most times. Some kitchens are seldom used, some are impeccably clean, some you wouldn’t want to look at much … Continue reading

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I did not finish the post on my cupboards today *eh-hm-mm*. Instead I played with goats. I have my priorities straight, now! I will get on top of it first thing in the morning, after feeding my family and animals, … Continue reading

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Yay! I got to start milking today! It feels so good to be able to make kefir and give my kids the good stuff again! I will write more later, but I am soooo happy I had to share! (I … Continue reading

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Deer and a Future

We have been very blessed with food this year. As I clean deer that hunters have brought us I think of all the people it could feed. There are so many people that go hungry needlessly with the number of … Continue reading

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