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Our Baby Goats

It has been beautiful outside, and I did some video of our baby goats playing. They are all for sale on our farms web page if there is one you are interested in, but the video is lot’s of fun … Continue reading

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A Busy Day on the Farm!

Today was as busy as yesterday, if not more so! I didn’t get nearly everything I wanted to do done, but I did get the goat barn cleaned out, the rabbit hutches cleaned, two goat kids disbudded, and the yard … Continue reading

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Elderberry Juice for Health

Back during the summer I wrote about elderberries. I made an elderberry tonic/cordial using vodka and elderberries that was very good. When using it we would make a syrup to cut down the alcohol. I also froze a large amount … Continue reading

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Just Farm Stuff

It’s quiet in the house right now. All my men, big and little, are asleep. I should be as well, but when I woke up in the warm bath I remembered I had not eaten or taken my medicine yet, … Continue reading

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In Honor of the Beginner

A few weeks ago my eyes were opened. Without realizing it I have surrounded myself with people who think like me, and when we talk we all know the lingo. I was amazed at haw far some of us are … Continue reading

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No more animals in my house!!!!

The bottle baby goats that were keeping warm in the house went to a new home this morning! And…the chicks are out of the house too!!!! Yes, you read that right! Our week-old chicks now have an outdoor shelter/brooder. I … Continue reading

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More Babies

Today our last fall kidding happened. Cindy gave us 3 girls! I am quite happy about that! We now have 2 babies in the house until tomorrow morning. They are being sold as bottle babies. I have both of them … Continue reading

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Cinnamon Had Her Babies

As you can see from the title, Cinnamon had her babies today. She was a real trooper of a goat as it was a rough delivery. I knew something was off when she seemed to be having contractions and quit. … Continue reading

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Ammi, Our Nigreian Dwarf Goat, Kidding!

Our lovely Ammi had babies yesterday, November 1st! She is the proud mother of 2 boys and 1 girl, and boy are they pretty! Talk about color!!! My friend Abby attended the birth. It was her first, and she asked … Continue reading

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To Honor a Great Woman

I am writing this post in honor of a great woman. You don’t really know her, but she is already leaving her mark on the world. She has faced many challenges, and still is, but she keeps stepping forward. This … Continue reading

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