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I did not finish the post on my cupboards today *eh-hm-mm*. Instead I played with goats. I have my priorities straight, now! I will get on top of it first thing in the morning, after feeding my family and animals, … Continue reading

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Yay! I got to start milking today! It feels so good to be able to make kefir and give my kids the good stuff again! I will write more later, but I am soooo happy I had to share! (I … Continue reading

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Deer and a Future

We have been very blessed with food this year. As I clean deer that hunters have brought us I think of all the people it could feed. There are so many people that go hungry needlessly with the number of … Continue reading

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Our Baby Goats

It has been beautiful outside, and I did some video of our baby goats playing. They are all for sale on our farms web page if there is one you are interested in, but the video is lot’s of fun … Continue reading

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A Busy Day on the Farm!

Today was as busy as yesterday, if not more so! I didn’t get nearly everything I wanted to do done, but I did get the goat barn cleaned out, the rabbit hutches cleaned, two goat kids disbudded, and the yard … Continue reading

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Elderberry Juice for Health

Back during the summer I wrote about elderberries. I made an elderberry tonic/cordial using vodka and elderberries that was very good. When using it we would make a syrup to cut down the alcohol. I also froze a large amount … Continue reading

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Just Farm Stuff

It’s quiet in the house right now. All my men, big and little, are asleep. I should be as well, but when I woke up in the warm bath I remembered I had not eaten or taken my medicine yet, … Continue reading

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