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Planting almost done

We finally have most of the spring planting done, although we are woefully short garden space. I have peas and beets and turnips I want to plant, but no more garden space. We also had another baby goat born, a … Continue reading

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Of Voles and Soft Hearts

I was doing yard and garden work yesterday, cleaning the buck barn and getting another compost pile underway, and moving old compost into garden beds, when I found a bundle of straw and leaves. Fearing a hornet nest I tore … Continue reading

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Living Poor on Purpose

As always in a household with one income today things always feel a little tight. I have been considering weekend work so that we can continue homeschooling our children, and still have some money to save for land in the … Continue reading

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Chicken Zombies

This morning dawned cold and clear. I headed to the barn to do the morning chores, milking and feeding the goats, rabbits, and guinea pig. Next I looked in on the chickens and gave them their water, noting they were … Continue reading

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Up All Night

Another goat in the kidding pen means I was up most of the night checking in on her. She is another first time mother, so I want to be there. Often the first time the doe doesn’t know what to … Continue reading

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Another Baby!

I spent Valentine’s day in the goat barn with a first freshener, Abigail. She was quite frightened about the whole thing, but is very happy with her baby, as you can see for yourself in the video below.

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Today we get to meet with the DNPE (Department of Non-public Education in North Carolin). I have to take the kids with me, which could be interesting. They think we don’t “do school” since much of our learning takes place … Continue reading

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Another day on the farm

It’s cold today. After temps in the 70’s we dropped in a day of blustery wind to just above freezing, and in the 20’s by nightfall. It’s COLD! The wind has made my yard look like a hurricane came through, … Continue reading

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Soap Nuts: Can you eat them?

Yesterday we had cause to ask “Can you eat soap nuts?”. Yep.  I was taking a nap and hubby came and frantically woke me. He was holding a jar with an amber liquid, which I quickly identified as my soap … Continue reading

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