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Chocolate Mousse

I found an old cookbook called “Sugar and Spice” by Sally Goldman, published in 1983 with a total, as far as I can tell, of only 60,000 printed.  I loved it because it had recipes that were outdated but more … Continue reading

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Kitchen Progress

So you all know I have been busy working on the kitchen. If you remember, last year I made a single cupboard as the start of the re-model. I was simply going to add some cupboards, change the bottom cabinets, … Continue reading

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So, here is a real life joke for you….. Yesterday I was in the kitchen getting ready to cook supper. Our 7-year old comes in and sees me opening a package of venison I had put in the freezer last … Continue reading

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Some Summer Pictures

I just felt like sharing a few of my pictures from this week. Since the garden is zilch this summer I am relaxing until fall planting starts. Now I must go paint kitchen cabinets, and will soon have pictures of … Continue reading

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Why I Have Been Away…

Well, my friends, summer is keeping me quite busy. First was the garden and adding beds to the front yard (which I have decided to redo), then we went to Michigan for my sisters wedding (which took most of June … Continue reading

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