One Counter Down!

I did it! I have pictures of the butcher block counter all spiffed up and sealed. Take a look!

And another look…

Pretty, isn’t it?!

And here it is with stuff on it, lol!

I found the crock at Salvation Army for 0.25 cents and plan to take glass paint and put some chickens on it 🙂

This is a little closer; I love it!

And my touch of whimsey…

I have another, and want some of other critters, maybe lizards and butterflies? I still have towels to hang near the sink, aprons, etc. I don’t have the cabinet carcass drawers done yet, so under the pretty top is canned goods I have been putting up…

Okra, dried pears, and fig preserves.

Oh, and I have another cabinet full of canned stuff too. It’s not as much as we need, but it’s something.

Okra and more figs, applesauce, and maple syrup from my Daddy!

Crowder peas, peach preserves, maple syrup, and more okra. We have a lot of okra.

I also got a cabinet up over the dryer. Now we can hide all those cleaning things.

Made out of things torn out of the house.

Yes, I still have some chemicals. Most are 3-4 years old, lol!

So, we are making progress, step by little step. And the fire department still wants us to leave all this for less :-/




About nigerianmeadows

I am a homeschooling mother of 2 autistic children and cook gluten-free, I homestead on 2.5 acre and raise goats and chickens for dairy and eggs, I garden, cook, quilt, and take photographs. I build, paint, scrub, and dance on tables. I am the ultimate WOMAN!!! Oh, yeah, and I like my husband a whole lot (he is the one that makes all this possible, and he loves me like no other!)
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3 Responses to One Counter Down!

  1. laura little says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I didn’t realize the fire department was still bothering you. What a pain.

  2. Yes, they have just come to us with another track of attack after consulting an attorney. Now they think the path that goes between us and the fire department needs to be enlarged so people can go through to get to the ball fields behind us (although there is another path they can use AND widen, behind us!). They are claiming, again, that they own part of our barn and land and will get a survey and use whats theirs, only we know from recent attempts that no one can find the correct markers and the property was considered unable to be surveyed. They are offering us a “trade” in which we carry our mortgage to a house that is worth little more than that amount on a spot of land where we would be unable to move our livestock or garden due to it’s layout, and we would constantly be subject to pesticide, herbicide, and chemical over-spray and run-off. So, my kitchen has lost some of it’s appeal in my anger and sadness over all this, and the thought we might still be forced to move or be put through hell to stay.

    • laura little says:

      Have you gotten a lawyer for yourselves? Now I’m going to annoy you with links to people who will help you fight, of course. I also like this advice: “4. Make the situation a public relations nightmare for your city. Use the local media by writing letters to the editor, op-ed columns and buying ads. Hold rallies or protests and issue press releases so reporters will cover them. Start a petition and send it to the city council and the press, create a web site – anything to draw attention to your cause.” Not sure if your title insurance or getting a ‘quiet title’ would be of any help in the survey issue: And lastly, /Brown-s-Boundary-Control-and-Legal-Principles may be useful. Myself, I’d do to the local newspapers and blow the lid off the whole land grab. Make them look like the dogs they are. I’ve done something similar in the past and even if they don’t run the story, the fact that they were nosing around can make the difference.

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