Taking a Break

Ahh, the lovely life of farming 🙂  Gotta love it on the sweltering days of summer, where it’s over 80-degrees by 7 in the morning. Today I get to take it easy, though it’s going to drive me crazy! I was on a roll yesterday. I had feta cheese going, laundry, I put a second coat of varnish on the table I am refinishing, had harvested a few beans from the garden as well as some seed for later,  and had started expanding the pig pen. All was going well until I slipped on the “T”-post and sliced my foot. There are not many nerves where I got cut, but enough that I looked down to see blood spurting in little pumps. I managed to cut the pad under my big toe where one of the main arteries of the foot (the Plantar Venous Arch) is located, and I sliced it so cleanly and deeply that it was pumping a rather large supply of blood onto the ground. I sat there and put pressure on it trying to decide if I should rip my new t-shirt to make a field dressing so I could get to the house or if I should just go. I liked my shirt, so I hobbled to the house and grabbed a dish towel, which soaked through in 2 minutes flat. My poor kids were like “Mom! You have BLOOD on your foot!”. Yeah, no duh, haha!

Anyway, I cleaned and bandaged the wound. It sort of needs stitches, but I used steri-strips, something EMS had my husband use when he didn’t want to get stitches on his head. Now I am forced to take it easy and only do the very necessary, and it is going to drive me crazy! My parents are coming in a week and I have so much I want done so they can relax and so can we. And the poor pigs. Their pen is way too small. And do you know how hard it is to keep a foot clean on a farm if you can’t get a shoe over the dressings?! Oh well, guess it will heal in time and I can do stuff with help. That’s what kids are for 😉


About nigerianmeadows

I am a homeschooling mother of 2 autistic children and cook gluten-free, I homestead on 2.5 acre and raise goats and chickens for dairy and eggs, I garden, cook, quilt, and take photographs. I build, paint, scrub, and dance on tables. I am the ultimate WOMAN!!! Oh, yeah, and I like my husband a whole lot (he is the one that makes all this possible, and he loves me like no other!)
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