Going Shopping

I have been thinking about this since Friday when I had to get some groceries. I left my peaceful farm and went into town to the great big shopping meg-la-thon (Walmart in this case). I had a list and started walking the aisles, putting the needed items in my cart. I watched the people around me. You can see a lot of things about people when they shop. You see their carts, their bodies, the kids. It made me feel dizzy and a little ill. I looked at the shelves, so full of things that make people sick over time. I looked at my cart; I had some junk in it since my family wanted to have a campfire and the yummy stuff associated with it. That made me feel even more ill. And then I made it to the cashier. That was far worse. Handing over money for junk is not my favorite thing, even though a little once in a while is fine, but it felt so wrong! Everyone around me looked cold and sick under the florescent lights, the whole place felt like zombie-land! The bright packaging couldn’t make up for it, the artificial flavors.

Lettuce alt. Carrots, Radishes

Lettuce alt. Carrots, Radishes

Yesterday I made a salad. I had a mix of greens with red and green and purple all mixed together. On top was cooked turkey, a variety of colored sweet peppers cut in rings, some tomatoes with little green chili pepper dices, a few black olives. It was such a delight to all my senses, made me feel happy, alive, healthy. It was so filling, both to my body and my eyes! I wish I had taken a picture of that salad, in the warmth and love of my home with family all around. I wish I could show all those people in the store what it feels like to shop in your garden instead of that zombie environment. I wish I could bring them into my home for a month and show them what real food tastes like, how a day spent working in the sun restores the body, or even a few hours every evening. How much people miss!


About nigerianmeadows

I am a homeschooling mother of 2 autistic children and cook gluten-free, I homestead on 2.5 acre and raise goats and chickens for dairy and eggs, I garden, cook, quilt, and take photographs. I build, paint, scrub, and dance on tables. I am the ultimate WOMAN!!! Oh, yeah, and I like my husband a whole lot (he is the one that makes all this possible, and he loves me like no other!)
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One Response to Going Shopping

  1. Heather says:

    Such a nice post! My husband and I joke about the “real zombie apocalypse” all the time. But it’s not really funny! I am SO excited that it is spring and we are going to be eating out of our garden soon! Even when we do the Walmart shop, I can’t count the number of times we’ve had cashiers comment on our cart contents and tell us our food looks so yummy and fresh and how most of the carts they ring up are just full of junk!

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