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Well, we had a surprise yesterday. A family who had bought some of our goats had to bring them back. They live in a place with a homeowners association, and received a letter telling them the goats would go. I … Continue reading

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Don’t wear White!

I dressed nice today. I even showered! (I know, you didn’t need to hear that)  I did some fun stuff with the kids and a friend today. She got a bunny. I got to see her smile 🙂  Anyway, I … Continue reading

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Gluten-free Banana Bread

Ok, necessity being the mother of invention and all that, I was out of my sorghum flour and had to make banana bread a little different today. It was so good I had to share! Oh, the smell as it … Continue reading

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On Building Raised Garden Beds

I’m dreaming of warm sunshine and bare feet, of swimming pools and butterflys. Outside, despite the fact we have hit spring on the calender, it is raining and in the thirties even here in the south. After all the warm … Continue reading

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The Piano

This week we were blessed with a piano. A family in our homeschool group gave it to us for Jameson in particular. He loves the piano, and keyboards just don’t cut it. He has been playing constantly, and when he … Continue reading

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My Goat Barns

So, we have been chatting on a goat forum on Facebook, and someone is looking for barn ideas for her goats. So, here are mine! Keeping in mind that we re-use, re-cycle, and go as cheap as possible and I … Continue reading

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Birthday Pics

Ok, here are the cake pictures I promised. Not my style, but they guys were all thrilled 🙂

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Today I spent the whole day either preparing for our son’s birthday, or doing the birthday 🙂  Our brand new 8 year old boy is very happy, and I am very tired, so that is all. I will show you … Continue reading

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Making Chevre

Here’s the story, of a lovely cheese called chevre, and a very lovely jam. She has possibilities untold, seasonings galore, and texture as smooth as silk. Chevre started out as a very lovely milk, all creamy, fresh and white. She … Continue reading

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Spring Pictures on the Farm

So, pictures are getting posted first. The rest may wait until tomorrow! I am giving a kind of story with the pictures, so it will make everyone smile 🙂 We shall start with the dog kennel chicken run. My hubby … Continue reading

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