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Goat Feeding Changes

We are transitioning to a new feeding program with our goats. In the past we have used Noble Goat Dairy Parlor and Purina Goat Chow, both of which are great from time to time, but they have again changed the … Continue reading

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On Clipping Goats

I have spent the better part of today clipping my goats. You may ask “why?”. We don’t show (at least, not yet), and we don’t have a linear appraisal.  So why cut off all their hair? Here is why I … Continue reading

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Eating from the Garden Has Started!

I just had to share some of the produce we are getting from the garden! I don’t have pictures of all of it yet, but it’s not bad 🙂 So, that’s my garden, or at least part of it, and … Continue reading

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Loops of Life

This has been a full week, full of laughter, family, love. It was good! I got to see my sister, whom I only see once a year at best, and to top it off, we got to spend quality time … Continue reading

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My sister and her fiance are here, all the way from Michigan! Of course, I’m spending time with them instead of being on here, but thought I should share 🙂 So, last night they both milked and helped feed the … Continue reading

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Wish I had a camera phone!

Yesterday was spent on the road picking up goats from South Carolina, only I realized midway there that they were not near Augusta, SC, they were near Augusta, Georgia! Yes, it was a long trip, a total of 10 hours … Continue reading

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Gluten-free Leftover Rice Casserole

So, tonight I made a casserole off the top of my head. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. This one was good, really, really good! I didn’t measure, but I did try to keep semi-track of what I did. If … Continue reading

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