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Apricot and Peach Raw Cheesecake

Have you ever wanted to make a cheesecake, and be able to eat it without feeling guilty? Well, you can! It’s so easy a child could make this recipe, and it’s actually good for you. Just remember that too much … Continue reading

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Maple Yogurt Dessert

I bought some yogurt yesterday that looked really good. It was called Maple Yogurt, and had real maple syrup and cream in it, plus lot’s of probiotics.  We ate it for breakfast today, and I had this grand idea to … Continue reading

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Learning at Home (or anyplace else)

Learning is one of those things best done by combining books with practical experience. Today we went to Whole Foods grocery store. The kids had a blast weighing foods and calculating cost, reading labels in the search for wheat or … Continue reading

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Farm Stuff

It’s fall here at Nigerian Meadows. Today was busy, as was this last week. We are working to get ready for our first year of fall kids, as well as preparing for winter. I have to get hay soon, before … Continue reading

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I Gave My Son a Bible…

The other day our local Books A Million closed and had a lot of books on sale for 40% off. We have a lot of Bibles for children in our house, but our eldest child is reading well enough I … Continue reading

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Monkeys in the Tree House

I went outside to check on my children last night. There were very strange sounds coming from the yard. When I got out there I hid behind a very large camellia tree/bush to watch them. They had put bamboo pieces … Continue reading

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The Microwave Challenge

You can go to any store and buy them pretty cheap, you can get cookbooks for them, there are innumerable “quick” meals in stores they are used to heat…the microwave. I have one of these, a really nice one in … Continue reading

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